This is just a normal Tumblr Page, i will just repost things i like or post some things.

About Me:
I'm 15
from Germany
I love OFF, Adventure Time, Homestuck, Comics and Anime




i hate tomato with a passion but now im forced to eat it twice a day


This poor Tumblr user needs our support. This is the worst torture a human can bear.


Carol makes a very good point.

But he isn’t as smart and fabulous as Hanky Pym

Anonym fragte
Actually, that just proves that Edgar Wright is brilliant and that you are an idiot fanboy.

Well I would like to know why it is brilliant to use an overaged Actor for the role of Dr. Henry Pym, it just doesn’t fit in the character of Henry Pym. Yeah, I’m a fanboy and I hate this version. Maybe you can enjoy it, because you maybe doesn’t like Hank Pym or never read anything good with him. I just want to say in my personal opinion I just wanted to show in a satirical way, why it’s a bad idea.

(Also sorry(not sorry) for my poor English skills, I’m actually from Germany.)